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STRØMSTAD - prosjekt med bruk av BOX-serien i forskjellige bomiljøer

As shown here, everyone can buoy for a reasonable price.

Rental companies all over the country will as people report their interest in renting a rental or small apartment - come up with offers to those who want to rent.

The developments will go quickly with serial-produced building modules in from factory. The standard is very high and design and quality articles are used so that those who cage can feel the pride of their home.

Everything with universal design, adapted 100% for wheelchair users all over the building, also all car parking spaces in the garage.

Outside a separate door, there are lounges on all plans for socializing with guests or those in the building. A positive atmosphere can be developed even with many nationalities under the same roof. "Grenda Stova" in the center of the building is cafe, meeting place with big screen etc. At the bar deck on the top floor has a pub and dance, with access to roof terraces for both smokers and non smokers.

Everyone in the building with about 100 people will be able to feel pride, responsibility and cohesion for their neighbors and themselves, as they can quickly get to know each other in this social community.

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