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As shown here, all for a reasonable price.

Rental companies across the country as people announce their interest in renting a small apartment of 56m2 with max. 3 bedrooms, - come up with an offer to those who want to rent.

Developments will go quickly with series-produced building modules of a BOX-family in the factory. The standard is very high and the design and quality articles are used so that they who live there can feel the pride of his home.

All with universal design fits 100% wheelchair accessible everywhere in the building, thus 1/3 of all car pitches.

A positive atmosphere can be developed even with many nationalities during the same robbery. "The hamlet Stova" in the center of the building near the elevator with a café, meeting with big screen etc. can be developed here by tenants desire.

Everyone in the building with about 90 people will be able to feel pride, responsibility and solidarity with their neighbors and themselves when they can quickly learn to know each other in this community feeling.


Click here to watch video of the project.

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